SMS Based Appointment Solution

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SMS Based Autometic Appointment Solution
ENJOY Rx Automation
Simply provide Appointment with a single
Just collect your SERVICE CODE and provide your patients to collect hassle FREE appointment.
ServicesSMS Format
New Patients CIT R <Service Code> N <Patient Name> <dd-mm-YYYY>
Old Patinets CIT R <Service Code> O <Patient Name> <dd-mm-YYYY>
Patinet List CIT R <Service Code> P L <dd-mm-YYYY>
Patinet Count CIT R <Service Code> P C <dd-mm-YYYY>
Send SMS BASED solution
*For New Patient : CIT R 211 N XYZ 15-06-2014
*For Old Patient : CIT R 211 O XYZ 15-06-2014
*For Patient List : CIT R 211 P L 15-06-2014
*For Patient Count : CIT R 211 P C 15-06-2014
Package & Features
No of Service Code 1 Up to 11 Up to 50
Web Login Yes Yes Yes
Daily Report Yes Yes Yes
SMS Report Yes Yes Yes
Multiple Login No Yes Yes
Digital Prescription Yes Yes Yes
Patient History Yes Yes Yes
Support Yes Yes Yes
Daily Report Yes Yes Yes
Payment Collection No No Yes
* Conditions Apply
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