The computer programmer is a creator
of universes for which he alone is the lawgiver.

Know Creative IT Soft

About Creative IT Soft

Creative IT Soft is a Software development and consulting company with more than 8 year industry experience. We are a reliable and affordable in software development and Business solution for enterprise, mid level and small organizations.

  • It was Founded in 2012
  • Service: web, Android & IOS Application and AI & IOT solution
  • Strength : Skillful and Energetic Team
  • Strategy : We operate with complete focus to Maximize customer satisfaction
  • Beliefs : QOS, Professional Ethics and Talent Management
  • Technology: Python, Java, PHP, Swift, Object-C, Kotlin, Oracle, MySQL, MS-SQL, Cassandra, Mongo-DB, Google Firebase, etc.
  • Office Address: 75, East Raja Bazar Panthapath,Dhaka-1215


To produce excellent services in the field of IT Services and Consultancy with maximum efforts driven towards customer satisfaction.


Our vision is to become a world-class software development and technology provider and to provide clients with innovative technical and business solutions by utilizing industry standards and technology

Why Creative IT Soft

  • Deliver secure, reliable and scalable applications that help businesses excel in today's
  • Rapidly evolving economy.
  • We operate with complete focus to Maximize customer satisfaction.
  • Utilize object-oriented analysis, design, and testing methodologies.
  • Ensure seamless integration and traceability between the project’s requirements, design, development, quality assurance, and delivery.
  • Understand In-depth client's’ business requirements.
  • We Deliver world-class End-to-End IT solutions.
  • Adopting International & best practice standards.
  • Maintain continuous improvement of Our Software.

Office Address


Bangladesh Office

75(Beside BRB Hospital, Panthpath),
East Raja Bazar, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

American Office

Creative IT Soft USA
75, East Legacy, Dr. Mountain House ,Ca 95391, USA.
+1 (470) 776-8175