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A dashboard gives you an at-a-glance view of how your store is doing. It’s a great feature to have because it gives you an immediate of your business’ performance without having to dig or hunt for the info.

User accounts and permissions

Unless you’re a one-person operation, chances are you’ll have multiple people working your registers. You need a system that allows you to create a user for each of them so that you can track the sales every person makes. This feature will ultimately allow you to set sales goals.


Your inventory system should be able to print barcodes (or other labeling methods) so that you can keep each of your products neatly tagged and trackable. That barcode allows the inventory system to know exactly where the item is in your system.

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Stock Transfers

For a store with more than one physical location, a stock transferring feature is essential. Stock transferring will make it easy for you to transfer items between stores so you can easily move stock from one location to the next.


You may need to run promotions or discounts to move your inventory. Choose a system that lets you do this easily, so you won’t have to worry about manually updating prices or product info when you’re discounting.

Multiple payment methods

Go beyond traditional payment methods like cash and credit cards. Look for a POS that allows you to take mobile payments. You also want to be able to split a payment in case a customer wants to spread their payment across a few gift cards, an Amex and cash.

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