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How our Software Consultants can help you.

We can consult with your business for as little or as long as you need and give as much or as little end-to-end support as required.

Re-organize your workflow how you want to fit your brand to the markets.

CITS is a collaboration hub for work, no matter what work you do. It's a place where conversations happen, decisions are made, and information is always at your fingertips. With CITS, your growth will better connected to the world.

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What Major Priority That Creative IT Soft Focus?

Multi Channels

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Communication in CITS happens in channels, organized by project, topic, team, or whatever makes sense for you.


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CITS works with the tools and services you already use every day. Pipe in information or take action without leaving CITS.


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We take security seriously at Slack. We offer measures like 2FA and SSO to ensure the safety of your data and protect your organization.

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